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Training Allowances

Your Training Allowance will depend on the social welfare payment you are getting/entitled to. There is no qualifying period, which means you do not need to have been getting a social welfare payment for a certain period of time.

If you qualify for the Training Allowance your social welfare payment will be suspended and you will get a FET Training Allowance of the same amount. If you are aged under 18 and attending a Community Training Centre you will get the age-related training allowance.

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(New entrants – 1 Jan 2014)

Job Seekers Allowance


€198 pw * ǂ


Rate as per DSP (Form F103)

Job Seekers Benefit


Rate as per DSP (Form F103)

Supplementary Welfare Allowance (SWA)


€160 pw * ǂ


Rate as per DSP (Form F103)

One Parent Family Payment


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Deserted Wife Benefit


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Widows/Widowers Pension


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Illness Benefit & Invalidity Pension


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Disability Allowance or Blind Pension


Rate as per DSP (Form DA103)

Farm Assist


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Fish Assist


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Dependant on Partner’s Claim


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Occupational Injuries Benefit


Rate as per DSP (Form F103)

Credits Only


Travel & Meal Allowance only

Disability Allowance


€76.65 pw – Full-time *


€95.75 pw – Full-time *

Young person with no SW Entitlement


€40 pw – Full-time



If a participant’s personal Social Welfare entitlement exceeds this amount, a training allowance equivalent to their personal entitlement will be paid on receipt of certified evidence to this effect. Evidence of Social Welfare entitlement must be in the form of a duly completed ‘Participants Allowance Entitlement’ form (F103/DA103).


These payments are subject to means testing and accordingly any means identified on the participant’s F103 should be deducted from the payment of €160 pw.


A training allowance is not to be paid to participants commencing training who are pending status with DSP until their status is resolved.


Effective 13 March 2014, it is agreed that SOLAS will pay a training allowance of €160 to participants who turn 18 while in training for the remaining duration of their participation on the programme.


NB Full-time rates are based on 31.25hr/pw; Part-time rates are calculated on a pro rata basis.

i.e. Full-time Allowance ÷ 31.25 x number of hours training per week

NOTE:Under Review

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Open Access Computer Facilities

The Training Centre has a Open access computer facility to complement and enhance the existing computer training capabilities. This facility offers potential clients the ability to participate in training at their own time, following a well planned curriculum to any level of technical expertise.


We have an onsite canteen that provides hot meals for breakfast & lunch as well as hot/cold beverages, sandwiches and snacks. The canteen provides seating for approximately 250 people.

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There is ample Car Parking for all learners.

Buses which stop outside our Bishopstown centre:
201, 205, 219


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