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If the last 15 months has taught us anything, it’s that the people of Cork are resilient and can adapt to new situations when presented with a serious challenge. The Covid-19 pandemic inadvertently shone a light on the importance of future-proofing in business, forcing many business owners and employees alike to reconsider their next move. With reskilling and upskilling now the order of the day, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce Cork Training Centre’s Skills to Advance initiative, which is aimed at ensuring the continued success of many businesses, particularly in this post-Covid era.

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One of the largest of its kind in the country, Cork Training Centre operates under the patronage of Cork Education and Training Board (Cork ETB) and provides a vast range of training courses across a wide selection of industries. With day courses, evening courses and apprenticeships on offer across many different disciplines, including beauty and healthcare, hospitality and information technology, the facility aims to provide further education and training to meet the needs of the local economy.

Now that the “home office” has become the norm, the need for further education in specific areas has increased. Outside of this, the majority of workplaces in the current climate also expect employees to display a certain level of digital and technological competence. With that in mind, Cork Training Centre has a suite of courses starting in September 2021, which are certain to equip both business owners and employees with the relevant skills required in this digital age. Courses such as ‘Digital Marketing, Python and the range of ICDL digital modules are particularly relevant to improving digital literacy and improving performance and will be suitable to employees in all types of industries.

The events of the past year and a half have also challenged those in senior roles, emphasising the importance of insightful and positive leadership. With the status of workplaces continuously changing throughout the pandemic, particularly in relation to the hospitality industry, those in a position of leadership have been faced with an evolving roadmap of expectations and responsibilities. As part of the Skills to Advance programme, the ‘Developing Leaders for Hospitality and Tourism’ course is perhaps now more relevant than ever, aiming to equip learners with the ability to oversee the general daily operations of a hospitality or tourism establishment, including administration, facilities, security and customer experience.

Commenting on the importance of initiatives such as Skills to Advance, Valerie Cowman, Assistant Manager of CTC said:
Cork Training Centre is dedicated to providing multiple options for further education. Our overall goal is to help both employers and employees to fulfil specific business and career goals. Our needs analysis service provides employers with insightful information regarding the growth potential of their business, while our wide range of courses opens up doors for individuals in search of new opportunities. Furthermore, we supplement our in-house training with a wide range of courses conducted on contract by private training providers. These courses serve as a rapid response to locally identified skills gaps, so we would encourage employers or business owners with specific training needs to get in touch.

The future of work is changing. Every industry, business and job is evolving as technology reshapes our working lives. New business models, automation, and international competition all present risk and challenges. Further education and training will play a particular role in assisting those in lower skilled jobs to upskill and reskill.

We believe that proactive approach in career and development is essential to our workers, businesses, industries, and regions. We have set out an ambitious policy framework to help establish a national culture of upskilling and reskilling, encourage business to actively invest in staff development and ensure a supply of quality, and accessible courses.

Skills to Advance initiative offers free up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities for businesses, employees or unemployed persons looking to advance in their working lives.

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